8 comments on “An Interesting Demonstration

  1. Jesus’ disciples had no idea that He was indeed the “Creator-God” spoken of in Genesis 1:1, come in the flesh. It wasn’t until John wrote his Gospel and affirmed that Jesus IS “Creator-God” come in the flesh that we start seeing this theology developing in the New testament. For the One who had spoken creation into existence, calming a storm was mere “child’s-play”, another “day at the office”.



  2. This brings up some interesting ancient cultural food for thought. Seas represented something chaotic and unsettled to the ancient culture. They were generally afraid of the seas. Some even believed sea monsters (of a sort) actually stirred up the water in storms. So Jesus calming the sea could possibly allude to something else in their non-scientific ancient minds. He was more than just Someone who could make the wind stop; He has power over the demonic forces that terrorized their world.

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