Luke 8:26-39

Jesus and the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee to a region inhabited by Gentiles. We can be certain of this by taking note of the fact that they were tending pigs. There was a man there who had been possessed by a legion of demons. He was out of his mind, naked and dangerous. The people there had chained the man, only to see him break the chains with strength beyond that which is normal for a human. We can easily see that these demonic forces had deprived the man not only of his right mind, but of his human dignity as well, living as he did naked, alone and amongst the dead in the tombs.

Jesus comes upon the scene and wants the demons out of the man. The demons, knowing exactly who He was (8:28) begged Jesus not to torture them. Jesus grants their request to be sent into a herd of pigs and they ran the entire herd into the lake and were drowned. I must tell you that if I were the owner of those pigs, I wouldn’t be any too pleased that Jesus had just destroyed my entire livelihood; the text tells us that the tenders of the pigs ran into town and told everyone what had happened.

The people came running to see for themselves, but when they arrived they saw the crazy man dressed and sitting at Jesus’ feet, just as sane as they were; they were afraid. The idea of a Jew coming into their area and having complete authority over demons seems to have scared the you-know-what out of these good folks, and they asked Jesus to move on…

Jesus did so.

The man who had been saved by this begged to go with Him, but Jesus told him to stay and resume his normal life, telling everyone what God had done for him, and this the man did.

There are some very interesting things in this story that we should carefully take note of:

First, the demons know exactly who Jesus is, and they are terrified of Him. By extension, don’t you suppose that they are just as terrified of the Holy Spirit who indwells you?

2. Jesus had complete authority over those demons, and they did exactly what He ordered them to do.

3. When the Gentiles saw the power and authority of Jesus, they too were afraid and begged Him to leave them alone, which He did for the time being. Do you suppose that the terrified demons and the terrified Gentiles had something in common, other than their terror?

4. Jesus told the man to tell everyone what God had done for him, but when He had performed miracles for Jews, He was in the habit of telling them to be quiet about it. Let’s adopt a working theory that Jesus wanted the Gentiles to know about what the “Jewish God” had done for one of them to prepare the ground for another visit, and see where the story leads as we continue our adventure in Like’s narrative…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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12 Responses to Legion!

  1. I do believe we have the holy spirit that dwells in us, therefore we have the power to cast out demons and work miracles as Jesus did. I love reading your posts!!

  2. The Gentiles were not trying to kill Jesus. The Jews were. By this time, he was mostly staying away from Judea, and even Galilee and going to other provinces.

    Did you ever notice that the stronger the person was (spiritually), the more demons it took to subdue them? Even then they fought the demons. Amazing.

  3. Maddie says:

    I love your blog posts! Mind checking me out?https://madelinemarie27.wordpress.com

  4. Two more…
    1. No one is so far gone that Jesus can not reach them.
    2. Even demons must submit to the will of the person who wishes to worship at the feet of Jesus.

  5. tellthetruth1 says:

    Reblogged this on The love of God and commented:
    Remember this: Light and dark cannot co-operate. They cannot live together. There’s either light, or there is darkness.

    If you lose your mind, or, are not in your right mind, you cannot have the mind of Christ. I’ll be writing on this at some point, myself. Meanwhile…

  6. Rule in the midst of your enemies. You are priest forever in the line of Melkezidek. Jesus didn’t need to conjure the demons up like an exorcist needs to… by His power alone they present themselves to Him. Jesus commands them to identify by a name,after He orders them to silence their proclamation as to His own identity. Jesus didn’t want His ministry or His own soul to be affected by pride. He did not equate Himself to God – even as He is God – because He is humble. I would leave the exorcisms up to a Roman Catholic Priest if I were you. There are very serious consequences if one does this without the protection of the Holy Eucharist. Watch Hostage to the Devil on Netflix to learn about this issue.

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