12 comments on “Legion!

  1. The Gentiles were not trying to kill Jesus. The Jews were. By this time, he was mostly staying away from Judea, and even Galilee and going to other provinces.

    Did you ever notice that the stronger the person was (spiritually), the more demons it took to subdue them? Even then they fought the demons. Amazing.

  2. Reblogged this on The love of God and commented:
    Remember this: Light and dark cannot co-operate. They cannot live together. There’s either light, or there is darkness.

    If you lose your mind, or, are not in your right mind, you cannot have the mind of Christ. I’ll be writing on this at some point, myself. Meanwhile…

  3. Rule in the midst of your enemies. You are priest forever in the line of Melkezidek. Jesus didn’t need to conjure the demons up like an exorcist needs to… by His power alone they present themselves to Him. Jesus commands them to identify by a name,after He orders them to silence their proclamation as to His own identity. Jesus didn’t want His ministry or His own soul to be affected by pride. He did not equate Himself to God – even as He is God – because He is humble. I would leave the exorcisms up to a Roman Catholic Priest if I were you. There are very serious consequences if one does this without the protection of the Holy Eucharist. Watch Hostage to the Devil on Netflix to learn about this issue.

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