Random Ramblings: January 28, 2017

The other day my daughter was messing around on her phone; laughter filled the air.

She was using “Snapchat”.

She’s been using this app for quite some time now, and I’ve seen what it does several times…

If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat, it’s an app for your smart phone that can take filtered images that make people look… well… crazy. You can be a dog or a clown or Santa or just funny looking. You can make videos and send them to your friends and then chat while looking weird on the other end. Some of the images are hilarious… most are kind of dumb.

What always strikes about things like this is the amazing creativity and technical skill that goes into them… and all that we might achieve if we put such creativity and skill to work doing something productive. OK, you’re right, somewhere in all of this someone is making a great deal of money, so I’m sure it’s productive in a commercial sense, or they’d stop upgrading it, but couldn’t we do more than just that?

Yesterday, it was my plan to leave this post with just these thoughts, but there was late breaking news… My new phone arrived. To be sure, I had no idea that I had a new phone on the way. My wife had mentioned that I was eligible for a new phone (she is in charge of that sort of thing) and I told her that I was happy with my old one, but if I could go back to my old iPhone 3, that would be even better because it’s smaller than my Galaxy 5. Other than that, let’s just leave things where they are…

Therefore, my iPhone 7 plus arrived yesterday.

To be fair, the iPhone 7 is a marvel, it does so many more things that I’ll never use; I can even watch TV on it, and oh yes, that’s entirely free of charge for a whole year!!!

But for me, TV on a big screen is hard enough to see… What’s the advantage of seeing it on a very small screen? If I come up with an answer to that one, I’ll let you know…

And so today, my Galaxy 5 goes into the box where my iPhone 3 and all of the other perfectly good and operable phones are that I was “required” to replace with newer models that do more things that I don’t need.

It occurs to me that in so many ways technology

is just a waste of resources…


20 thoughts on “Random Ramblings: January 28, 2017”

  1. If I could make a suggestion, and a comment.

    First the comment, I would have given (almost) anything to have even TV on a phone when I was in England. I just couldn’t get into English television shows (sans Dr. Who), so being able to watch anything on anything would have been a blessing.

    Now the suggestion. I don’t know about where you live, but here I take our old phones (chargers included) down to a local women’s shelter. The shelter gets free service from Verizon, and the women can use the phones while they’re at the shelter. Usually they escape from their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs, and certainly don’t want to use the phone that their mate knows the number.

    1. Yes, the same here in Australia though here the really old ones are garnered for their precious metals and I am not quite sure what they do with the new ones but a new sim is very inexpensive.

    1. Still use a flip phone too – a special one for the deaf and blind so it doesn’t do anything really great except text call and ring. I am partially deaf and two of my friends are completely so.

      1. Had not considered how useful texting would be to the deaf, but it is kind of obvious once you think about it.

        My hearing is not great. As I get older, I may find myself texting more.

      1. I’ll never forget searching and searching on Windows 10 for the “select all” button on Word. On all the previous Word programs, it was on the far left. I finally found it, on the far right. No earthly reason to move it there except to drive me nuts.

  2. You probably know, from reading LappyChat, that I love music. I also love the things I play music on! Like my Sharp stereo(s), (yes, I have 3 of them 😀 ), circa 1979-80. Old is gold, sometimes; especially in my studio 🙂

  3. My husband is like your wife – my phone is busy dying a slow and agonising death but I’m not able to throw it out so my husband has been the one to go to the phone shop. I still need to take the final steps though and have been putting it off, probably will until it’s completely banjaxed and I’m stuck!

      1. Yes, you mean like phone-euthanasia? Just feel terrible about it – and maybe a bit lazy. Eureka that’s it! I’m waiting for my husband to sort it out – I’ll go ahead and do it now, no need for me to be afraid of a few bits of metal. Thanks!!

        1. Like the good husband I am – choak, I bought my wife a blind friendly phone because she is vision impaired, one like mine had very good reception everywhere and she drowned it in the washing machine. Not a smart phone, she can’t see one, and doesn’t want it to speak the text for all and sundry to digest.

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