3 comments on “Transfiguration

  1. “The real point … ” and just when I thought I had heard the next bit – He went silent. So I have been sitting here for the past 15 minutes with those words hanging in the air (along with a load of “ah-ha’s” which weren’t).

    My tussle was with the either/or the old/new – the yes! (or not).

    If I am hearing right, it is neither one nor the other. For the “post-Jewish biblical mind” it is … “all” … it is One.
    The Law and the Prophets and God Jesus are “One”. And that is why “we struggle”.
    We seek either this or that – but never “one of one in one as all”.
    Jesus came to fulfil the Law (and the prophets) in their purest essence. With all the 40 tonnes of mis-hearing and mis-speaking down the ages – and to this current day – extracted.

    The real point is … “one of one in one in love” – not either/or.
    (if I am hearing right)

    Thank you Don.

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