10 comments on “Jesus Teaches Tough Lessons

  1. I am always learning. A few weeks ago, someone pointed out that the man’s father hadn’t died yet. Jews buried their dead the same day they died. Jesus was demanding. He knew it would take a strong heart to fight Satan the rest of one’s life.

  2. “Cost” always seems to have negative giving: “There is a cost – I am in deficit – “poor me”!”

    Breathing has a cost. Each of my heartbeats has a cost. Kissing (I read years ago) shortens my life every time I snog. So if simple living comes with a “cost” – why the big deal about something so much better than snogging?

  3. The last two verses are ones I have also wondered about. I read once the man who wanted to bury his father meant he wanted to live with his father until he died and then join Jesus.

    The one who asked to go say goodbye to his family perhaps had to travel a ways to do that. Jesus knew he wouldn’t be around that long and it was vital for the man to stay with him.

    I often wish the writers of the Bible had put in more details.

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