9 comments on “Only One Thing

  1. I have studied this. And what Jesus told Martha is that she was spinning her wheels and not getting anything done. I think she had adult ADD. My sweet sister, now 80 years old, has it. She has felt guilty all her life that she cannot get anything accomplished. But, if you call her needing her, she will drop everything and come to you. She has no attention span anyway, so it’s easy for her to do!

  2. I’ve thought about this story too. Martha missed out on a wonderful experience. Perhaps she was cooking a complicated dinner. But bread and water would have been enough. Just something to kill the appetite. And at bedtime, everyone could have helped get the rooms ready. Yes, Martha was perhaps concerned how her dinner would look to the people there. She is the one who catered Simon’s big feast, so she must have been well known for her cooking.

    • Yes that’s right. It’s hard to criticize her for serving in the way she knew how to serve, yet by doing so, she missed out on His presence. That isn’t always easy to balance.

  3. “I barely saw Him; I spent the whole time in the kitchen.”

    Your words settled without any discomfort at all – so much rings true. I was on that patio after lunch … And then I heard a quiet whisper ..

    “So isn’t is really cool that – today – no matter whether you are in the kitchen or sitting at my feet, I am with you always.”

    And I was reminded again how dualistic I default to: this or that but never both – and how He spans all if I allow. Thank you Don.

    Bit by bit He is chipping away the duel-ist(!) in me 🙂

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