12 comments on “Ask!

  1. So many of us never ask. We just grumble or worry and call that prayer. Or maybe we murmur the start of a prayer and then see a squirrel and forget about it. None. Of. This. Is. Asking.

    See James 4:2 for the result.

  2. Far too often we are guilty of just sitting there. Thanks for that challenging conviction my brother. Like gandhi u remind us to be the change we wish to see in the world but also to rely on Jesus completely to meet our daily needs. This is not a contradiction cos its only His power working in n through us that enables anyone to be helped in the world. true what you say too often we confuse needs for wants. This passage you quoted is later echoed and affirmed in revelations 3:20 by Jesus’s promise to not only do a zaccheus n come to our heart house for tea but take up permanent residence within us

  3. The moment I tarted reading this I recalled a huge blessing! My late mother was in ER and doing poorly again. A busy friend popped in to pray with me then had o leave, but called a friend I barely knew asking her also to pray. The virtual stranger came to be with me and brought a daughter along. These beautiful strangers stayed well into the wee hours of the following day with me, at which time mom was stable and the doctor sent me home to sleep. A very blessed Jesus moment! Yes, they brought food and drink to share! As ro your title ask, I have no family and would have been alone. I called my friendknowing she was busy but would pray. Jesus inspired the rest of the story!

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