13 comments on ““Show us a Sign!”

  1. The 3 days point I have long recognized, but as I was reading the text before reading your comments, I saw for the first time in this passage the point that when Jonah preached, the Ninevites repented. Jesus was always pleading with the people to repent (as had John the Baptist)! And, indeed your comments confirmed what I had been missing. Thanks. The “sign of Jonah” was certainly a much greater sign than may first catch our notice.

  2. It occurs to me that the people of Jesus’ day asked for a sign that was already before their eyes that they might believe in HIM, while today so many that are carrying signs that essentially ask us to believe in THEM! If only they would look to the One who was the only valid sign pointing to their eternal life with Him.

  3. A side note on the second reason. The people of Nineveh worshipped Nanshe, the fish goddess, the daughter of Ea, the goddess of fresh water, and Dagon, the fish god, represented as half man and half-fish. So, the Ninevites probably listened to Jonah instead what they usually did to foreigners (kill and dismember them).

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