24 comments on “Random Ramblings: February 11, 2017

  1. We show our love and honor to God by obeying Him. It is about doing the right thing, just not for doing the right thing…it is about loving God first and foremost in our life. Adam and Eve chose to love themselves first over God, putting themselves equal with Gid, which was their downfall.
    Often we do the same.

  2. This reminds me of Joshua 9. Joshua was given the right/privilege of leading the Israelites. They had just been “victorious” over Ai (albeit 2nd time around) and here come the Gibeonites in their shabby clothes and three times they refuse to answer Joshua’s and the Israelites’ questions.The men examined some of their provisions, BUT THEY FAILED to ask the Lord’s advice. Get that: they had the ability, the right, and the privilege and the connection with God but instead as Prov 3 says ‘they leaned on their own understanding’ and did NOT CONSULT the Lord! Beware of the enemy’s “clever/shrewd” tactics. Ask God …that you may discern between truth and error. [Heb 5] Take a lesson from this: do NOT lean on your own understanding but consult God and you will hear a word behind you saying “this is the way, walk ye in it” [Is 30:21]. If only are the worst words in our vocabulary and Joshua said those words to himself more than once I presume, just as I have.

  3. Should I even write this … ?

    I so love how your words get His resonating within me. Because I was left with this (should I even write this?)

    Glorify God v glorify self might just be as dualistic/transactional as sin v no sin, right v wrong, good v bad. I was left with this: is “counter-intuitive” the wrong transactional description? Like scent / perfume by-passes “logic”, I wonder if “glorify” is the same. Not a choice of who, not a choice at all. Is “intuitive” a coming home to God? Counter no longer applies – choice no longer applies – “is” just is – “am” (and I Am) is just am.

    >>> Does anyone else get that “jolt” best described here as “is just am” – when you know without knowing why – when knowing why comes after “knowing”? That is the kind of intuitive that is becoming less and less “counter”.

    (this whole comment was prompted by reading your last paragraph and knowing without knowing)

    • Paul, your wording is… imprecise. Yet, I actually think I followed you, and if so, then you have it exactly right. In fact that’s the whole point. Counter-intuitive or instuitive is entirely a matter of our point of view. From what NT writers called an “earthly” viewpoint, it’s counter-intuitive, but from the view they sometimes called “heavenly” it would be not only intuitive, but organic, since glorifying God (as they called it) is the natural response to His grace. Actually, there’s another word that describes it, maybe it’s the word of all, if only we didn’t overuse it in English. That word is “love”.

      • Imprecise – you are very kind Don! 🙂

        You followed me. I love that word – “organic”. Growth. Pesticide free. A “coming home” rather than a “trying to fit in”.

        Thank you for sticking with this comment – I was slightly concerned it might read as a “well really Don!” type of comment (which was not the intention). Right now His “40 tonnes” and “shedding” journey is seeping into almost every are of my belief, relationship and even love as I know it.

        • It is almost impossible to be precise about something so profound, when we simply don’t have the vocabulary to adequately express our thoughts. The bst we can do is to be “imprecise”. 🙂

  4. Thing is, Eve didn’t know it was wrong to disobey God, because she needed to eat the fruit to obtain that knowledge. Yet the sin of disobedience was still imputed to her.

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