11 comments on “Therefore Do Not Worry 2

  1. Your rating has not fallen. Keep telling it like it is. That’s what Jesus did. For some that’s a hard pill to swallow but when one looks past self-centeredness we can see God’s plan. Oh, how great are His blessings and provision.

  2. I run into people who are broke and living off their credit card. What happened? When they did have money, it went to eating out, going to the movies, buying stuff just to be buying stuff. Then, when they were broke, they didn’t understand why no one would give them food money, or gasoline money so they could go to work and pay the utilities so they weren’t out in the cold.

    Ultimately, even if we ARE responsible and perhaps lose our job through no fault of our own, we must think about all the stuff and entertainment we are used to having. Who said we have to stay in that big house? Who said we had to have the most expensive car or truck out there?

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” We see this being practised in the early Church soon after Pentacost where some of those with possessions sold them to provide for the needs of those among them.(Acts 4:32) They followed Jesus’ instructions.

  4. Every time I’ve heard a sermon about the rich young ruler, the pastor has said, “Of course, Jesus only meant this for him, not for everyone.” Hmm, and you have brought up another verse quite the same.

    I don’t think many Christians take this seriously. But, did he mean even sell your house and give all away until you were homeless and owned nothing? I find the teachings in the Bible very tricky and hard to pin down.

    You know where it says to take the homeless poor into your house? We did that a few times and it turned out to be a mistake for our children. One young man peeked in our oldest daughter’s room while she was changing and a woman we took it was running around our house naked with her boyfriend when my youngest girl came home from school.

    Now please answer me this; what should I have done? Never taken anyone in to stay at my house? I’m thinking, yes maybe I shouldn’t have. This has bothered me over the years. We never took anyone in again though, that’s for sure.

    How far do we take Jesus’ teachings? Man, I would love an answer to that! And thanks for bringing it up.

    • As you know Belle, these are very tough questions, but since you asked, here’s my two cents…

      It seems to me that in the totality of the New Testament, these two passages, one directed at an individual, and the other directed to a general audience, that Jesus is speaking more to our attitudes than to anything else, and that there is a danger is being too literal in this matter. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” is the key. Do we treasure riches or things or possession (whatever our income may be) more thn God? If God called us to leave it all behind, could we do so? Are we willing to share what we have?

      I think those are the real questions, and the only answer I can give is that we be willing to follow where the Holy Spirit leads us, and that we be willing to develop out relationship with Him to the point where we can clearly discern what is His call, and what isn’t. For instance, I think His leading may be different for a single person that it is for parents raising children, at least until the children are grown, for the parents’ highest calling would be to raise up their children in the knowledge of the Lord. Anything “drastic” should not only be prayed about, but also discussed with wise spiritual counsel.

      I hope that helps.

      • It does help. I probably shouldn’t have taken a young man into the house when my girls were young. He was a member of our church, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. The woman was also a new Christian.

        I was thinking about all this and realized that Jesus’ friends and disciples owned homes, so God doesn’t expect us to sell our houses and give the money unless he specifically asks us to. He said, “If you have two coats, give one away.” I think that tells us not to have too many possessions.

        I really appreciate your answer. I will keep trying to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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