5 comments on “Peace, Discord and Division

  1. “Both are right, and both are wrong; we must think before we react.”

    Amen. As Kierkegaard said, once you label me, you can dismiss me.” And it is often both and neither, which is why we need to keep listening to one another.

    I believe the opposition Jesus brought (via the Holy Spirit) is in the way we get life. One side gets life from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (worldly or religious); the other side from the Tree of Life (Jesus), by partaking in the divine nature (2 Pet.1:4). They are actually opposite, even though they look similar on the outside sometimes.

    • That’s an excellent way to describe it. Yes, it’s how we view life or “Weltgeschichte” that is the real gulf. Yet, as Scripture tells us, there are “men (people) of peace” who are willing to hear, who need us to speak to them so that they might be saved.

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