Random Ramblings: February 25, 2017

May9 059

Over the last week or 10 days, we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather here in NW Illinois, in fact, we’ve set a couple of all-time records for high temperatures. It has been warm, often sunny; some days have seen temps in excess of 70 degrees F. The birds have been singing people have been cleaning up their yards; there’s definitely been a touch of spring in the air.

In the Mountain West they call this phenomenon “false spring” because everyone knows it happens every year and won’t last; winter will return in full fury soon enough. While I haven’t heard anyone here in Illinois use that exact term, the same is true here this year; there’s now snow in many places in the area.

That warm spell was sure nice while it lasted!

Life is like that, isn’t it? We all have good times when everything seems to chug along just fine, and we quickly grow accustomed to ease and carefree days. Sometimes these periods continue for a number of years, and we might even assume that everything will always be rosy and nice… And then BAM!

Trouble finds us.

Ah yes, this is a story as old as the Scriptures; come to think of it, it’s a story that’s in the Scriptures.

I’m not sure that we always appreciate those good times; after all they are really easy to take for granted. Yet they are a blessing from God when they come along. Yet when we forget this and take them for granted, there is a danger that the notion might creep into the back of our minds that we don’t really need God, that somehow we are the masters of our own success, and then slowly, subtly we begin to drift away from His presence.

Of course when trouble finds us with a big WHAM, we often feel entitled to demand answers from God: How could He let that happen!!??

Really? How could He let that happen? Didn’t we let that happen?

Maybe I’m only speaking of myself here, but in my experience, it was usually me that let it happen, at least as far as the drift was concerned. More often than not, the “Wham” came after a couple “hello’s” that I chose not to hear…

Anyway, there will always be troubles in this life, just as there will always be winters. When God blesses us with times of happiness and relatively few problems, it is for us to recognize His blessing and give thanks, realizing that there is a time for every season under heaven, both good and bad, and that our Lord is by our sides though all of them: When we are weak, He is strong. When we feel strong, we need Him more than ever.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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1 Response to Random Ramblings: February 25, 2017

  1. Tom says:

    Jesus did promise us that there would be trouble in this world but not to fear or worry because He had already overcome this world. We don’t need to fear the trouble or be surprised at it.

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