7 comments on “Like a Lost Coin

  1. How often we see others as lost sheep and berate them rather than helping them into, or back to, the Shephard’s flock! (Or, help them into the treasury — in keeping more with this parable’s theme)

  2. The oddest thing happened as I was reading your post , Don (with a not very focused mind to be honest). He popped “10%” and the word “whole” around my thoughts. And almost without any thought at all this followed –

    “It is not 10% of my worth, it 10% of my wholeness. Those 10% you deem too sinful to welcome, too “not what the bible says” I like around me, too unclean to be seen (with you) … They are my whole – they are my 10%. They are not a missing coin or a number of worth simply to be found and counted. They are me and you. Without my “10%” I am not whole. And without my 10% … are you whole?”

    No more words from me except Thank You.

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