6 comments on “The Prodigal Son

  1. “With this in mind, why do we not always share His enthusiasm?”

    That brings up an important point that often gets overlooked. If the younger brother was rebellious, the older brother was religious. And religion doesn’t throw parties. It punishes and puts people on probation until they’ve learned their lesson.

    What’s tragic about the whole story is neither son really wanted a relationship with the father. They just wanted his stuff. The only difference was, the younger son wanted it now, the elder brother was willing to wait to get his father’s stuff when he died.

  2. The “repenting party” is the easy bit (maybe). It is the (very long and raucous) bit before the “repenting” that I need to take from this (definitely).

  3. The selfishness of his older brother always amazes me. As the oldest, he was going to inherit the farm, the house, everything (“all I have is yours”) But, someone else getting some little thing he didn’t get, got his dander up. Plus, running out of money put his brother in serious danger “living on the streets” The older brother lived in his own little world.

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