12 comments on “Not an Easy Question

  1. When I was young I knew the answer to this, and wondered why so many people had trouble figuring it out:

    Mark 13:32 “But of that day or that hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

    This is the tightest kept secret in all the heavens, if God won’t even share it with his son, then why do people think he will reveal it to them. It will happen when it happens. Unlike on earth there are no Intelligence Committee people to leak the information to the press, no WikiLeaks capable of hacking into the information.

  2. “One day we’ll all find out, and most likely we will all have gotten some parts right, and some parts wrong, so let’s not go crazy about this now, for He will come when and where He comes.”

    “End Times fascination” always reminds me of “Are we there yet?”

    When the journey has lost its appeal and the destination is all – but for the wrong reason. The bickering starts. The pinches and shoves. The “he started it” – “no I didn’t she did” pantomime routine. And too often ends with “I didn’t even want to come on this stupid trip anyway.” The “get me to any destination I don’t care where – just make this stop” usually followed by “did we come all this way just for … “this”?”

  3. The answer to the Pharisees is interesting in that anyone who is born again of the Spirit has the Kingdom of God inside them (psst that’s us) and when we spread the Gospel and others receive then the Kingdom is spread but not in ways that are immediately visible. On a wider note, the Earth is part of the Kingdom of God anyway in that there are spiritual being living here with us (Angels and others maybe). The Earth and all that is in it belongs to the LORD (Ps 24:1). However unfortunately Satan and his minions are here so the final judgement is when Jesus reclaims the earth as His and boots the baddies out which will also include rebellious man.

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