10 comments on “Jesus Meets a Rich Ruler

  1. “In Jesus’ day, as in many other historical periods, it was assumed that most wealthy people were the ones favored by God; why else would they be so blessed?”

    I have always found material possessions limit this lesson a tad. So to tinker for a minute … “it is assumed that most Christian people are the ones favoured by God; why else would we be so blessed?” can also get in the way of a bunch of stuff.

    Lead on Mr M 🙂

  2. I had heard this preached in a different way.

    The man was wealthy and, as you said, believed it was because of what he had done (followed the commandments, led a virtuous life). He came before Jesus, and the crowd, looking for justification; for Jesus to say, “You have done what was asked, good and faithful servant. You will receive your reward.” He left saddened because he did not receive justification, and found that he could not do the last thing that was required.

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