10 comments on “The Rich, The Way and The Kingdom

  1. Love this! It’s the whole idea of Jesus being enough. Even if all else is stripped from us–those relationships, wealth, all the things we value in this world–if He enough? Thanks for this, Don.

  2. The word “curmudgeon” springs to mind. I feel a slight alternative view coming on … 🙂

    “The real point is that the follower of Christ must be willing to leave anything behind if it interferes with following Him, for with the Kingdom, you are either “all in” or all out.”

    The more I am “all in”, the less stress I seem to have. All the “must be willing” is becoming “yes please”. And relationships are becoming gentler rather than strained. More like a familiar coming home and not a new going out. I wonder if that’s how it was for the twelve – despite their questions?

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