11 comments on “Peter Succumbs to Temptation

  1. Thanks for the insights, Don! When I view God as I understand Him, I will keep trying to fit God in a box of my own design; that approach is inadequate at best. Since we cannot fully comprehend God and His ways, we tend to fear the unknown instead of implicitly trusting Him. I would not have ventured to the courtyard; fear would have driven me away. Which is one reason why we are instructed: Lean not on your own understanding…

  2. “We can comment, as all of have, on how they didn’t always “get it” when Jesus taught them.” Yes to this and much more here.

    And this year I wonder why “getting it” has such value. Why I thought it has such value. Thank you for not telling us how to get it.

    • Thank you Paul. To be honest, when I figure out “how to get it” you’ll have a hard time shutting me up, but for now… I think I’ll just it dangling.

  3. “This is the point where I am supposed to ask if we too would deny Jesus when the going gets tough, and where you say ‘no way’… but I won’t… because there is really no way to place ourselves in Peter’s circumstances honestly.”

    Very good point. What’s more compelling to me in this is that Jesus didn’t give up on Peter. He never gives up on us either. He’s always there to meet us in our place of failure. Not to condemn us or push our nose in it (“Peter, I told you so!”) but to restore us and call us up to our destiny.

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