On the Road Again

Luke 24:13-35

Two followers of Jesus were walking along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus that covers a distance of about seven miles. As they were walking along they were discussing the unsettling events of recent days when they came upon another man who asked them what they were talking about. Their response seemed to be one of wonder; was this guy the only man in these parts who didn’t know about what had taken place concerning Jesus?

They gave the man a quick synopsis of events, including the body of the Lord missing from the tomb. The man now had his turn to wonder who was clueless here… Didn’t they know what the Messiah was destined to do? Of course He was to die at the hands of evil men, and of course He was to rise from the grave; the stranger went through all of the Scriptures with them as they walked along, revealing God’s entire plan to them.

They had no clue that it was Jesus they were talking with on that lonely road.

When they arrived in Emmaus, the two insisted that the stranger stay with them, for it was almost sunset; he agreed. When they sat down to eat, the man took the bread, gave thanks and broke it… and their eyes were opened. This was Jesus Himself, alive and well after having risen from the dead. As soon as they realized the identity of their new companion, He disappeared from their sight. With much excitement the two rushed back to the city, to the house where the Eleven were staying, along with other followers of Jesus. They told of all they had seen and heard.

When the women told the Eleven about the empty tomb, the disciples hadn’t really been willing to believe that Jesus had arisen from the grave. Peter and John had rushed out to verify that the body was missing, but for them the real question was who had stolen it, and why. Would they believe the two men who had just returned from Emmaus?

They wouldn’t have very long for questions…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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3 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Mel Wild says:

    As many have said, I would’ve loved to have been in that Emmaus Bible study by Jesus. 🙂

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