2 comments on “Random Ramblings: April 15, 2017

  1. While Paul did a great thing by spreading Jesus’s message to the Roman empire, he also unwittingly sowed the seeds of its corruption by the Roman government. The Roman’s saw the power of Christianity and twisted it into a tool of the state. Like seeds buried deep in the earth, Jesus’s teachings survived the dark ages and the war torn middle ages. Then, during the Protestant reformation, when individuals like you and I were allowed to read Jesus and Paul’s teachings for the first time, they emerged alongside the teachings of the Greeks to form the basis of western culture. Yet today, our culture seems to be in decline. The elites have created an amoral cult, tearing down faith and replacing it not with reason, as they claim, but with cultural Marxism. Instead of individuals helping each other out of goodness, the collective has given power to the state to take by force. This is the challenge that we face. Even though they are 2000 years old, the teachings of Jesus and Paul are still one of our greatest hopes for saving western civilization.

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