10 comments on “Paul Begins His Next Point

  1. Through you, dear Don, I am being taught of God, as it is written. I can’t thank you enough for this one.

  2. Thought-provoking and insightful. The wonderful thing about theology is its sheer eclectic nature. We are trying desperately to understand the unknowable and perceive the unperceivable. And while it may seem fruitless it’s much the same as a man chasing after a woman. A man will never know completely the complexity and mystery of a woman but he is utterly enthralled to try. God gave us his mystery in the form of Jesus Christ and through Him we find our theology lacking but a relationship with him perfect.
    I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Man isn’t given a choice between good and bad, he is given a choice between self and God. Without God, man can only struggle between depravity and a slightly prettier version of depravity. Of course, this isn’t depravity that is God-given. It is what we create when we push God away. With God, miraculous transformation can free the new creation.

  4. Hi Don, I like what you’re saying. I followed you because I would like to hear what God lays on your heart and of course hear the Word above all else. I like that you are biblical and you dont wash down the Word of God. God bless you my brother in Christ and i look forward to hearing more.

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