5 comments on “Israel Has Chosen Law Rather Than Grace

  1. Well said. It really shows that we don’t do relationships well without grace. We prefer rules. The Law proves that to us…hopefully. 🙂

    Another point on the discussion about God’s sovereignty vs. free will here. Paul had mentioned the potter and clay (your last post). He seems to be alluding to Jeremiah 18. What’s interesting in that story is that the potter tried to work with the clay several times, but the clay refused to be shaped, so it had to be discarded. So, it seems that Paul is not using this story to say that Israel was divinely predetermined to be rejected, and He can do whatever He wants (even though He can), but because they rejected His will, they become objects of wrath. God let them go to face their own consequences. They were “prepared” because God makes provision for what we want, even if it’s our own destruction. And He knows the end from the beginning.

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