14 comments on “Christian Liberty

  1. Good post Don. Working with one another and compromise in the way of liberty is a good thing. Even in the same household. In ours, Easter is an example. I’m not so much supportive of the non resurrection things we drag into Easter. It just bothers my own conscience. The family I am part of..they love that stuff. Technically, I would be in bounds to just say…stop. But, we compromise. I let it be, and they try to not drag me into it. I don’t get an Easter basket LOL, they just toss me the leftover candy. Seriously, though, its a pretty good way of expressing what liberty is about.

  2. I hate when I see Christians turn on one another and squabble over frivolous matters that aren’t specifically stated in Scripture – attempting to “save” the “saved” if you will. Like you said, it is far better to build one another up, to work in unity as the body of Christ, and reach out the lost.

  3. Great post, Don 👍! I think the majority of the petty squabbles we get into as believers are because of our misunderstanding and mishandling of Christian liberty.

  4. At the end of my book, “Worship the First-Century Way” I made an appeal for unity. How is it possible. Always go with the conservative point of view. For example, if I believe in foot washing but others do not, I can still perform this ritual at home or in another room of the church building while the others sing a few hymns, and therefore not offend.

    Of course, if we were busy converting other people, and that was our life’s priority, we wouldn’t be putting so much importance on all the extras we like doing. Our main thoughts every hour of the day will be how to bring others to Christ and in actually doing it.

  5. Your words, “Being ‘right” isn’t the point of love” are so relevant. “The standard we are called to is love” is also stellar. Now if I could only live up to those words!

    Another excellent article! Thank you for sharing it.

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