18 comments on “Where Have I Gone?? Episode 2

  1. Don, I feel your pain because I have beeen there too. We didn’t have to move, but had to empty both my and my wife’s family homes just a few months apart. Much of that, of course, wound up in our basement and now it is our problem as we prepare to downsize ourselves.

  2. Guts, Don. You’ve got guts. Every stick of furniture has memories attached; leaving even one behind has to be wrenching, which is why so many basements and attics and storerooms are crammed to the rafters. Memories, joy / grief-containing pieces of our souls.

  3. and this is just the beginning of fun times…trust me “been there done that” and have heard the grief of it for 8+ yrs…finally that dang house is sold and sister “who must be obeyed” is happily in her wee little home and in a community where there are NO kids! But, we the sister and bro-in-law, are happily more than a 1000 miles from there …and the woes and begones are now no longer being heard. Life is fun sometimes and sometimes not so fun..but the tale is over “at the moment.” Stay tuned for next month’s saga…yep what goes around comes around…

    • I recall the same thing, and I also recall predicting that it would be much easier to have let those Californians do so 🙂

      But then we fight the battles we can win, and deal with the rest later, don’t we?

  4. My wife and I went from 3500 square feet to 1200 two years ago and it has been a real treat to have to evalute the “how many things” of life. There are some difficulties, but I feel free and blessed. Prayers

    • Thank you Irvin; you’re right. I came to recognize several years ago that all of the “things” I thought were so important were really more like millstones around my neck and this is a refresher course.

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