14 comments on “Where Have I Gone??

  1. Yikes! What an adventure! Since 1999 I’ve moved 11 times and I can’t think of one time in which there wasn’t a hiccup! Hang in there my friend and I hope everything smooths out for you.

  2. A suggestion about the floorboards. I do woodworking on the side (at least until arthritis hit me), and while woodworkers usually don’t do floors they do have a different perspective on the task. You might look around for a custom woodworker and ask them to take a look at the problem. While they may not be able to fix it, they may see a solution that the carpenters doing the job don’t see.

  3. I know it’s not really funny, Don, but some of it is really familiar! Reminder – nothing that happens was or is a surprise to the Lord, he knew about it in advance and had / has a plan! 🙂

  4. Welcome back to the ether (?) Don. I was wondering how you were doing. Hope the second instalment turns out better than you imagine. Looking forward to seeing your photos of the week when you are settled. It’s great to see everyday US scenes rather than the glossy tv and media pics. I have learnt a lot about life in the US from your posts on life as it is lived. God bless you in your new home.

  5. Welcome back, Don! After moving around the country and even the world for lots of years, I can only say that 10 years ago I moved to the last place I plan to be. Of course, God might change that, but I honestly pray He won’t.

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