34 comments on “Where Have I Gone?? Episode 3

  1. 😦 Angels! You need a flock of angels in full battle gear – not to do the work, just to appear to those flaky so-called workers. Bet things would start working right!

    • I wasn’t going to get into that, but since you asked, the first ones were, and the guy who realized it all had to be ripped up and done right is about my age. The boss is also a millennial as it happens…

  2. You realize, of course, this is all because you *were* two days ahead of time on the move. It’s the rubber band theory:

    Life is like a rubber band. Every good thing that happens is like stretching the band. Eventually the band is going to reach it’s limit and snap back at forces that prove Newtonian Physics is wrong (to every action there is an opposite and *greater* reaction).

  3. I think your saga is worse than any I have experienced…good luck on getting Mama and you and “she who must obeyed” settled before the dregs of winter set in…you re on heck of a trooper on all of this however…hangest thou in there.

  4. If this wasn’t Murphy’s Law, I don’t know what is. I am sorry you went through this. How was your mother through all this? Well, I hope there is light at the end of your tunnel and it is not a train. At least your Dodgers has taken the National League captive.

    • She’s wondering why we haven’t moved in yet… she has a way of not hearing “unpleasant” things 🙂 The Dodgers are a bright spot these days though…

  5. I love that you can look at this with humor–though I imagine there’s a little snark beneath the surface. But this stuff can’t be made up. This is like a scene from “The Money Pit”. I hope you value that you’ve given chuckles to many in light of and in spite of what you’ve had to go through.

  6. This whole saga begs several questions: Why did you sell your home in Rock Island, to move to a much-smaller home an hour from where you wife works? Why downsize at all, considering that you are combining two households? Why not buy a “move-in-ready” home which will be adequate for your needs? Was this your wife’s idea and you have to go along with it, or are you just a glutton for punishment?

    I have experience with “down-sizing”, considering that I used to live in a 1500 sf site-built home, but I have been living in a 300 sf travel-trailer for most of the last nine years. It is adequate for me (with a LOT of stuff in storage), but is pretty cozy for two people, although manageable. I lost my previous home in a divorce, so this was all I could afford to buy at the time, and it is still pretty cheap-living. The one up-side to living in a travel-trailer is that it is on wheels, therefore easily-movable.

    Hang in there Brother Don!


      • Actually they are NOT rhetorical questions. I look at things from a very realistic-perspective, and for just you and your wife to down-size that much would mean stuffing 40 pounds of stuff in an 18-pound sack, but with mom in the equation, now you are stuffing 60 pounds of stuff in an 18-pound sack, if you understand my analogy. I have experienced both “down-sizing” and for my brother an his family, “up-sizing”. They just left a full-furnished 1000 sf home and moved into my mom’s place, which is almost 2,000 sf and also full-furnished. They only brought the “essentials” of their furniture (beds, TV w/stand, his recliner and his office chair), leaving the rest for her son and his family who were moving in almost as they moved out. What they DID bring filled up a 16 ft rental truck, her car and my truck. We were loaded to the gills!

        So far, two of the beds and both of the recliners in mom’s place have been given away. There will probably be several more items that will have to bite the dust before they are all moved-in. Fortunately most of the furniture in mom’s place is higher-quality and in better condition than what they had.

        Hang in there!


        • In our case, it begins with the fact that my Mom will be 94 in 2 weeks and shouldn’t be living alone any more. I have a large 3 story house that simply won’t do for her in the long term because of all the stairs. The kids have been grown and gone for a long time now, and we’ve wanted to downsize, and this is the time to do it, rather than planning on moving twice, and neither my wife nor I care much about “stuff”, so a great deal has been given away, and mor will go shortly… and Clinton is my wife’s home town. A fixer-upper makes sense because the real estate market in this part of the world has yet to come back and so we’ll have instant equity; all the more so as it is fixed up… and as “old house people” we are used to fixing up… so no big deal if we can get this first project finished this week.

          See, we’re just biting the bullet now so we don’t have to put it off till later, and getting it all done.

          • That you are leaving a three-story house to move into a one-story house does make sense, and I suppose your wife is planning to retire someday so that she isn’t making that trip every day makes sense. There is a certain “nostalgia-factor” to moving back “home”, so if you believe that this is the right move, it is the right move for you.



  7. I have lived your nightmare … renovations always require more money than anticipated, more time than planned and much more patience than previously thought! Right before moving into our current home, we gutted 3 bathrooms and the kitchen down to the studs and had all the flooring on the lower level tiled. Our house was and continues to be a construction site with many more projects to be completed before selling next year. It will all get done … at my house … and yours. It’s the process that seeks to drive one mad. My 80 year old father came to live with us last fall and we are planning on buying a single story home to accommodate all of us. When we honor our parents, God’s Word says then it “Will go well with you and that you may live long in the land which the Lord your God gives you.” So, in the end, there are blessings for honoring your mother to look forward to. “Count it all joy when you fall into diverse tests and trials…”

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