Random Ramblings: December 2, 2017

Well it’s that time of year again; my wife started with the Christmas decorations a week ago. I was supposed to have dragged a bunch of stuff out of the basement over the past several days but I haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. My excuse, at least until yesterday has been that it isn’t even December yet, what’s the big rush?

I think that one is starting to wear a bit thin.

OK fine, I always try to put this off. Back in 2012 our church put on a big Christmas “show” the Saturday before Christmas. It really was quite something because it told the Christmas Story in a unique combination of music, skits and video that was connected together by Ebenezer Scrooge who undergoes a different kind of transformation than the one in the original story.

I was cast as Mr. Scrooge.

No, I wasn’t asked, I was told that I was playing the part, because I wouldn’t have to act!

Bah, humbug!

My wife and I seem to do this little dance every year− I drag my feet about getting the Christmas stuff from the basement until she just starts doing it herself and I grudgingly finish it. Then when Christmas is over, she takes everything down and leaves it in a huge mess in the living room for me to put away at my leisure, which is actually the toughest job of all.

Here we go again!

Well, I guess that’s about it for this little post, now I need to find something else to look busy at…

Bah, humbug!

Oh, and have a great weekend…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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