A New Release and a Couple of Other Things

Welcome to Tuesday morning in Iowa. The sun won’t be up for another couple of hours and it is expected to be much cooler starting today than it has been for the last week or two. We’ve been enjoying temperatures considerably warmer that usual for this time of year with highs in the 50’s and 60’s (F) but starting today we have forecasts of much more seasonal highs in the 20’s and 30’s.

Of course you aren’t interested in the weather here.

I have posted a new “Reflections” document on my website− Reflections on Matthew and it is available at the link below. As with all the others I’ve produced this is a complete collection of the posts I’ve just completed here on the Gospel of Matthew for anyone who would like it. In the past many have used these for their personal devotions, home Bible study groups and even for use in teaching Bible classes in their local churches. You are free to use this one as well for anything you like, other than for commercial purposes.

Download here

Having completed Matthew I will begin a short updated series of items that I wrote last December on Father Abraham which is being run at this time because f the interesting parallels between Abraham and the Christmas Story. Yes, I know… that sounds weird… but you’ll see what I mean as you go through it. I’ll be running Father Abraham as my second post this week and next.

As for my early post…? I have no clue what they will be about, except for this one, so you’ll just have to pop in each day to see what craziness I’ve come up with in the pre-dawn hours.

Have a blessed Tuesday and I’ll see you later today.


About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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5 Responses to A New Release and a Couple of Other Things

  1. DWMartens says:

    “… interesting parallels between Abraham and the Christmas Story. Yes, I know… that sounds weird…” Knowing you, Don, it doesn’t sound any more weird than the Christmas Story in Revelation. But, there it is, just the same — for those “with eyes to see.” I’m looking forward to you helping us to open our eyes a bit wider.

  2. M. Dennis says:

    Hey, Don – I just wanted to thank you for your insights into Matthew. In fact, I looked up some of your comments from that PDF just a couple of weeks ago to help enrich one of my Sunday School lessons! Keep up the great work.

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