TLP Op-Ed: 4/28/18

Three Things We Might Want to Remember

Every day is full of news, some real news, worthy of note, and some that is pure political clap-trap. Yet this week, there have been three things that we might really want to follow as time goes forward. As I see it, these three stories are: French President Macron’s visit to Washington, the meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea, and Bret Baier’s interview with former FBI Director James Comey and the release of Mr. Comey’s infamous memos.

Macron and Trump

Donald Trump’s rise to power has not been welcomed by most Western European leaders, in fact, it would seem that most of them have taken the CNN approach: He’s deranged, unhinged and dangerous. While that may be a fine political narrative, it isn’t actually true, although Mr. Trump seems to help it along by so often acting like a jackass. M Macron of France was elected last May, and during that election Mr. Trump unwisely voiced support for Macron’s opponent, yet from the beginning of his term, M Macron has been the one Western European leader who has approached Mr. Trump as being normal rather than crazed. The two have vastly different philosophies, yet they get along. They have different priorities, yet they find a lot of common ground. As a result, in less than a year, France appears to be rising in the International stage to replace Germany and Britain as a dominant player in Europe geopolitically.

It is altogether possible that this has a great deal to do with the fact that Macron’s political situation at home is much stronger than that of German Chancellor Merkel and British Prime Minister May who are both hanging onto power by a thread. Even so, both appear to be warming up to Trump to some degree out of necessity, but M Macron has been able to surpass them, at least for now, as a shaper of International events. I would suggest this is a development to keep an eye on going forward.

Peace Breaking Out in Korea…?

Over several months in 2017, Donald Trump beat the war drums for North Korea, causing Liberals everywhere to set their hair on fire. Cries of “warmonger” “unhinged” “deranged” and “dangerous” blasted forth from around the globe. Mr. Trump put a full court press on China to enforce new and very tough sanctions on the regime of North Korean Dictator Kim; everyone said that Kim would launch an attack…

The South Koreans grew nervous, the Japanese grew uneasy, the Chinese were irritated, and the Russians tried to find a way to take advantage.

And it looks like Mr. Kim is about to cave.

Well, let’s not be giddy just yet, there is still a long way to go. Yet no one can deny that we have suddenly come a great deal closer to peace in Korea than anyone could have predicted. In America the fight is already on: Did the apparent thaw come because of Mr. Trump’s approach to North Korea, or because of South Korean President Moon’s diplomacy? Sadly, in this toxic environment, party affiliation will probably determine your answer to the question. Yet I must wonder: Isn’t it at least possible, that what we have been witnessing is a well-executed game of good cop – bad cop?

In any case, the entire world will be watching this story.

James Comey With Bret Baier

If you are a reflexive Fox News hater, then you may not know who Bret Baier is, and you surely would never tune in to his interview with James Comey, although you can watch it at the Fox News website, when no one is looking. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Bret Baier is the real deal, a journalist, and when his contract is up and he’s a free agent, I’m sure he will be much in demand. Anyway, this was not just another ‘let’s all hate Trump together’ interview; it was one of the few that involved tough questions, as all of Mr. Baier’s interviews do. It seems that Mr. Comey did intend for his memos to be leaked to the press, conflicting his sworn testimony before Congress. It also seems that leaking his memos doesn’t count as a leak unless it would be a felony, it’s just a serious ethical violation. It also seems that Mr. Comey doesn’t believe that anything in his memos could be considered classified, even though in one of them he acknowledges that his memos are usually classified from their inception. In fact, after watching the interview, it would appear that Mr. Comey wasn’t aware of much of anything.

Wasn’t it Congressman Gowdy who said the other day that Mr. Comey should stop his book tour, go home, count his book money, and lawyer-up? Sounds like good advice to me.

Since it was Mr. Comey who caused Mrs. Clinton to lose the 2016 election, along with every else in the world, I would expect any legal action against him to receive wide and entirely non-partisan support, but somehow, that seems a bit unlikely; we’ll have to keep an eye on this story as time goes on, for the implications might well turn out to be serious on several levels.

Well, there you have it, my crazed, deluded and un hinged take on this week’s events…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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5 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: 4/28/18

  1. Excellent insight. These three are great.

    Bret Baier deserves to be followed for honest news. Best news show there is.

    Be blessed.

  2. Excellent analysis. N&S Korea have announced the intent to end the war later this year, a very good step. But, as to denuclearization of the peninsula, that will have to wait until we find out what each side means by that term. As with taking Ancient Greek into English, there is a lot of wiggle room when translating Korean into English.

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