TLP Op-Ed: 5/12/18

Another interesting week

As each new week begins, I have ideas for this column, but by the time comes for me to write it, I have to toss my ideas in favor of events I’d rather not write about; this week is no exception. Back on Monday President Trump finally announced what we knew he would do sooner or later and pulled the US out of the ill-advised Iran nuclear deal crafted by the previous Administration. As one would expect, certain people cheered while others jeered and “Death to America” sounded in the streets as usual in Iran.

Oh yes, and news coverage was overwhelmingly negative against Trump, as it always is.

Quite a few pundits observed that nobody would ever enter a deal with this country again, that we cannot be trusted ever again, and that the upcoming North Korea talks were doomed. The New York Times demanded to know where the Secretary of State was, calling him AWOL when he didn’t appear at Mr. Trump’s announcement.

Where was the Secretary of State anyway?

Then we find out that Secretary Mike Pompeo was in North Korea sitting across the table from Kim Jong-un making final arrangements for the release of three Americans being illegally held in North Korean work camps. I can’t help but remember that certain members of the Foreign Relations Committee refused to vote for Mr. Pompeo’s confirmation recently because they said he would rather go to war then negotiate with other nations. Anyway, the three Americans flew home with Mr. Pompeo and were greeted upon landing by none other than President and Mrs. Trump when they arrived at Joint Base Andrews at 3 am.

Of course, Mr. Trump’s critics said that showed weakness…

Later that day, President Trump publicly thanked Mr. Kim for releasing those three Americans, saying that it was a very good thing, and his critics accused him of praising a dictator. Then the date and location for the upcoming Summit was announced, and Mr. Trump’s critics said he would likely give away the store, because nobody will ever trust him again because of the Iran deal. To Mr. Trump’s critics I ask… How about his tie, did he have the right tie on when he made the announcement? I thought it was kind of weak; did you miss an opportunity?

Hold on… didn’t these same people say that Trump was a war monger who was trying to cause a world nuclear war− and now he’s going to give away the store for peace?

How about Mrs. Trump’s shoes… don’t you think her shoes were a bit off for the welcoming at the airport, that maybe they sent the wrong message? Oh dear, have the critics missed another opportunity?

By the way, has it occurred to Mr. Trump’s critics that he pulled out of that Iran deal because it was Mr. Obama who was willing to give away the store for a deal, and not Mr. Trump?

Time will tell, the US and North Korean Summit is now scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. We cannot know what the outcome will be, but we can be sure of this: Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will denounce it, and press coverage will be overwhelmingly negative, as the “Blue Tide” continues to fade away…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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11 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: 5/12/18

  1. RG2Cents says:

    Right on the money, Mr. Merritt.

  2. AwethentiQ says:

    From across the Atlantic, the verbal Anti-Trump Abuse seems like an orchestrated chorus. Then, as I reminded Steve Sanchez, people wanted Barâbbas freed, crucified Jesus. Nothing ever changes, does it?

  3. The media sells more ads when reporting controversy. I wonder if I sat down with people I disagree with and listened and earned their trust to talk, if progress in understanding each other and influencing each other might be made?

  4. Citizen Tom says:

    The news media has become more and more laughable. Here are some of the events I think have “conspired” to create this situation.
    1. Elimination of the “fairness doctrine” ( Conservative media stars like Rush Limbaugh started appearing with elimination of the doctrine, and they ridiculed the “drive-by” media and pack “journalism”.
    2. The Internet and cable TV broke the FCC’s stranglehold. Once broadcasters did not have to get an FCC license, they could say what they wanted. Busybody politicians hate that.
    3. People are starting to wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as “objective news”. They are so many shows with talking heading debating the “news” that the whole idea of “objective news” has become laughable. So now when the Liberal Democrat news media poses as objective, we already know they are lying to us.
    4. Trump is unafraid of the news media. Instead of backing off, he needles the press, and they just become hysterical. Oddly, I think the man has far fewer skeletons in his closet than anyone anticipated. In spite of some serious foibles, an occasionally foul mouth and a wandering eye, Trump may be one of the most honest presidents we ever elected, and the news media just can’t stand it. They hate him for it.

  5. Cathy Merritt says:

    I think Trump May have it more together then many think. Approval ratings are up. People see change all around country.

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