If you like to write, if you write a Christian blog, then it is likely that your writing is an expressive spiritual practice. Yet as I mentioned before, there is a difference between a spiritual practice and a hobby, just as there is a difference between a spiritual practice and a profession. Let’s use writing as an example of this…

So, you love to write and you start a blog to write about something, say your Christian walk. It’s a wonderful outlet for you, very relaxing, a great way to get away from the stress of the day and so, you write a post or two whenever you have some time and an idea. If somebody reads one of them, that’s great, and you’re amazed when someone follows you or likes a post. That is a wonderful hobby, one you can do even on the coldest of winter days, or the rainiest of summer nights. Then maybe you hear a sermon or attend a Bible study or watch a video that brings up a certain point from Scripture that you really are interested in; you start to do some study and prayer on the subject and God really opens your eyes; an epiphany! You decide to blog about it, you tell the whole story and lo and behold someone leaves a comment that says they have never seen anything like that before and it has changed their whole attitude and brought them closer to God… and it hits you: Blogging can be a ministry!

Now you get serious about your blog, you bring God into your writing, asking for His guidance, giving the whole process over to Him. You start blogging regularly; it becomes the best part of the day for you, it brings you closer to Him.

Writing has become a spiritual practice that is expressive of your relationship with God as He guides you through each step. The same can be true if writing is your profession.

If that’s your story then the day will come when someone tries to discourage you, of that you can be sure. Listen to God, not to the nonsense. Six years ago or so, a well-known pastor asked me what my ministry is these days. I told him I wrote a Christian blog. He laughed and said that a blog isn’t a ministry, that he tried it once and nobody read his posts, so it can’t be a ministry and that I was wasting my time and needed a real ministry. I replied that I had over 1,500 followers and that I had opportunity to reach them twice a day, seven days a week: Do the math. How many people do you reach a week?

His face turned bright red and he gave me the look of death and said, “Well I don’t have time for that.”  Since then I’ve had roughly the same conversation with quite a few preachers, and the truth is that the demands on their time are great, and they often really don’t have the time for writing.  God just has a different plan for them, and that’s perfectly fine, but don’t let anyone pull you away from your writing if it is how God draws close to you. If it is how God draws you close to Him, then by all means take it very seriously.

Of course, writing can be an expressive spiritual practice in other forms as well. You might write novels or commentaries or Bible studies for kids or adults, maybe home study guides or poems that inspire. Let God guide you and you might be surprised at where it ends up, I know I’ve been surprised where it has taken me.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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  1. You know, this was one of those posts that God brought along for me to read at precisely the exact moment I needed to read it, since I’ve fallen prey to my own discouragements over this from time to time. I loved your recounting of the conversation you had, and your perspective on the reach of your ministry here. And most important of all, as you put it, “it brings you closer to Him.” Yes, it does – and the value in that is inestimable.

    Thanks for this!

    • Don Merritt says:

      Really, that it brings you or me or whomever, closer to God is all the reason we need to do it. That God will use it for the sake of others and to build His Kingdom, well, that is all the better 😊

  2. DUDE! By reading this article, I am not surprised why you have 6544 followers. You write amazingly. Awesome topic. You right.

  3. Just the encouragement I needed at the right time. I started my blog as a means to continue my calling as a Biblical teacher. I’m reaching far more people now than I ever did in congregational ministry.

    • Don Merritt says:

      It’s truly amazing to see how far our writings can go, and most of the time we have no idea, and then out of the blue someone from the other side of the world says it has blessed them in some way. Our God is incredible!

  4. Very well said. Love your message about the reach your blog ministry.

    Be blessed.

  5. photojaq says:

    Thank you for this. I do use my writing for ministry – in a blog, in writing stories for children that have a Bible message and “lessons learned” first hand. I’m currently writing a serialized story in the form of a letter from a young “friend” to a 9-year-old girl. It’s a bit of a mystery, with lots of references to Bible truths or things taught by her parents or her SS teacher.

    But I also have a greeting card ministry at our church. We have a listing of everyone’s birthdays – adults and children. I send each a birthday card, with a note of encouragement, exhortation, comfort, appreciation of THEIR ministry, or sometimes a question to answer — and use a scripture verse (or sometimes a reference for them to look up) to tie it all together. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years, and love it. I truly believe God called me to this after reading the Letters of John Newton and studying the ways Paul did the same in his letters.

    PS: I’m glad for YOUR writing ministry.

  6. I began writing in obedience to what i Believed to be the prompting of God.

  7. Like you I have been surprised by how blogging has changed my life and ministry. It is not for everybody but then is any ministry “for everybody”? Thanks for the enocuragement.

  8. Once again you speak to my heart, Don. I began my blog almost four years ago to encourage a few friends who were going through tough times. Although my readership is not as large as yours, they are spread around the world and I hear from people I would otherwise never have dreamed of connecting with. God has used my writing in amazing ways and I love doing it for him. And it has grown in other ways too. Published devotional books, three novels (and a fourth one in the pipeline) and a published journal of a time which I wrote as a healing process, but which has also helped others on a similar path. I endorse what you are saying one hundred per cent. Writing is a spiritual practice that is used by God in powerful ways. Thank you for your encouragement to me, one of God’s writers.

  9. gaustin00 says:

    Leave the naysayers in the dust if this is what God has appointed you /called you to do! I had one last week and no matter what evidence I offered as to my conclusions in the end he said “I will pray for you.” He is one of those religious bigots who live by legalism. Shake the dust off and move on. There are plenty of them around but there are more yes-sayers than nay-sayers. Trust me, I know after 6 yrs at this project…which I did not choose but chose me.
    Blessings for this post.

  10. Beth Ann says:

    I enjoy your writing and your blogs. I was “roped” into blogging by our group (we have a group blog). Never thought that my writing would have an impact on anyone, but when people started liking my writing on the blog, it showed me that I could indeed write and help someone along. What an amazing feeling. I don’t know where the Lord is taking me with this, but I plan to continue to do this for awhile.

  11. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading this to the fullest. (this was for me, I’m sure of it!). Thanks for sharing!!

    ~~~~~~Theresa M. Adams

  12. Great exhortation here. Blogging and writing are not for everybody, but I find they are rewarding ministry opportunities for me.
    For any “rookie” bloggers out there: Just don’t give up too soon. At one point, I was ready to stop blogging, since nobody was reading it. Then, one of my posts (one I had written several years earlier) somehow found its way to the top of Google’s results for certain search terms. The rest is history.
    Like any other ministry–Christians authors and bloggers are responsible to use our gifts faithfully for the Lord’s glory. The results are God’s responsibility.

  13. Barbara Lane says:

    I have used my writing on and off for years – writing Bible studies for adults and children, even a guest columnist for a newspaper at one time. I felt like writing was a gift God had given me but then felt silly giving up doing things for my church so I could concentrate more on my writing. (As a pastor’s kid and then a pastor’s wife my focus has always been on the church.) Thanks for this encouragement. I don’t know that my blog could be really be called a “Christian” blog as I write about more than God’s Word, but I am slowly finding people are liking my blog and along with encouraging them spiritually, sometimes they say it just gives them a laugh. I have given up writing for my church’s newsletter because I want to give more time to my blog. Appreciate your prayers that God will allow me to be used in this area to reach others.

  14. Wally Fry says:

    That was very encouraging Don thank you

  15. cgdtaylor says:

    Thanks for this post, Don.

    Coming up to retirement from full-time ministry, I am considering expanding my blogging and podcasting activities. Your piece has given me huge encouragement by affirming this type of ministry in this social media focussed age.

    Best wishes with your own ministry in this field.

  16. EoverT says:

    Eternal life or temporary life?
    You choose.

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  18. Thank you for sharing. I came across your blog and it really spoke to me. I have about a few weeks since I starting blogging about what God can do with your past and how you can be free from the bondage of the enemy. I have been very discourage because I seem to not be able to get my blog off the ground, but your words are very encouraging. Once again thank you for your words.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Don’t give up- keep at it. Here’s a tip: Nobody is seeing you. Go to the WP help on getting started and read carefully what they say about getting noticed. Then follow what they say about visiting other blogs, leaving comments and so forth. It works and you’ll start taking off if you work at it: Trust me on that, it worked for me, but I didn’t try it until I was a year into blogging 😊

  19. Hi Don I certainly did enjoy reading your blog this morning and I do also believe that the ministries that are given by God are varied and blogging is a ministry. Mine is kind of slow taking off but it’s okay with me if God wants to use it He’ll use it and if he wants to use it for just a few people He’ll do that . Thank you for your encouragement in your last blog.

  20. I am Christian, and although blogging isn’t my ministry, I do belief God gave me the gift of writing. I use my writing of novels to speak about faith in God, especially during hard times. My characters go through a lot of tough obstacles and rely on their faith to get them through those trials. Maybe my books aren’t strictly Christian or faith-based, but that element is in them. It’s part of me as much as my writing. We each must use our God-given gifts to minister.

  21. JALAJIWA says:

    somehow i can feel you had been through the process you write in this article.

  22. I believe that sharing the words of scripture from a teaching standpoint is very powerful because God’s word is alive and powerful. Sharing God’s word from an experiential standpoint is even more powerful because it is expressed from a heart that knows the reality of it. “The Light that shined out of darkness has shined in our hearts….” and as we open our heart to others that Light of Jesus shines unto them and God makes it real through the power of the Holy Spirit. God is glorified and we are blessed.

  23. As God would have it, I really needed to read this today, this morning. He encouraged me…through you! You liked my post so I checked you out and (happened to) read ‘Writing’ first. I will be visiting your site more. And praying for your blog ministry. :~)

  24. This is absolutely accurate. Enjoyed reading your observations. I have had not just glib comments but all-out attacks on attempts to write in the past. By God’s grace He has put others in my life who have told me my writing reaches their hearts and so I write for God and them, not the critics!

  25. christianebooks4you1 says:

    Thank you, Don. I needed this reminder! I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Keep up the good work!

  26. V Ramasamy says:

    Very good tips given for those who opt to write.

  27. You’re right. I just started blogging two days ago. I find your tips helpful. I will do just that.

  28. Reblogged this on Removing The Veil and commented:
    So much Truth here; sharing Don’s post with my peeps! 😀🙏

  29. I like your encouragement. Your words has a softness, easy ,gentle flow to them. Thank you

  30. Very interesting. I can certainly relate to the joy of blogging. Incidentally, it took time for me to get followers. It’s now steadily increasing.

  31. Erin Ladybug says:

    Great Post!! I’m just starting out on here and I write poetry and I believe God is guiding me and I don’t want to give up on it no matter what people say. I feel ministry can be on a blog because words have power to make or break you. And if you would like take a look at my blog feel free i don’t mind feedback

  32. Skye Harris says:

    This is so great! I’m just starting out blogging. I really want to reach out to people and create an impact on people’s lives. This gave me a lot of understanding! I don’t know much about the blogging community, and I’m learning from everywhere I can. Thank you for the insight!

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  34. Sara Tin says:

    Thanks for this! I found it very inspirational.

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