TLP Op-Ed: June 2, 2018

Who’s the Buffoon?

Yesterday morning I wrote a parody and scheduled it for this column. As parodies go, it wasn’t going to win any prizes… but it was fun to write. My plans changed however, when this morning I ran across a couple stories that are significant and instructive, to say the least.

The first one is the May Jobs report: The U.S. Department of Labor released its report for May jobs growth yesterday indicating that 223,000 jobs were created last month, lowering the unemployment rate to 3.8%, the lowest rate in nearly 20 years. According to the New York Times, economists expect the strong economic trends to continue.

The second story also came yesterday, when President Trump announced that his meeting with North Korean Leader Kim will go ahead on June 12 as originally planned.

The third story came a couple days earlier when Mr. Trump said that he would go ahead with the 25% tariff on certain imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Here’s what caught my attention about these three items:

Mr. Trump’s political opposition, the vast majority of the news media, and many in his own party, like to speak of him as a buffoon, and as I have said plenty of times before, he helps them along with so many of his Tweets and ill-advised off the cuff remarks. In spite of this, it would behoove us to remember that Mr. Trump is many things, but a buffoon is not one of them. Many scoffed at his promises to deliver a robust and strong economy after the economic malaise of the previous 8 years, claiming that he would bring about economic catastrophe. So far, the only thing catastrophic about Mr. Trump’s economy is how it relates to the political fortunes of his opponents.

When North Korea suddenly changed their tune, after a second meeting with the Chinese, and began skipping meetings in advance of the summit with both South Korean and US officials, the first thought that ran through my mind was that Trump should cancel the meeting. Mr. Trump did cancel the summit shortly thereafter, and his critics danced in the streets.

Evidently, they’ve never been in a negotiation.

As one would expect, the North Koreans changed their tune yet again, just like any party to a negotiation would do at such a juncture, if they wanted a deal. Despite the fact that his critics have nothing but contempt for him, often calling him “unstable, unhinged and dangerous” (just for starters) Trump’s entire career has been based upon negotiation, posturing and keeping his opponents off balance. His critics ridicule his optimism, yet Mr. Trump has been saying that the North Korea negotiations will be long and difficult and says “we’ll have to see” over and over.

Mr. Trump’s critics seem to miss this every time, as though their personal hatred is blinding them…

…which brings me to the third story. When the President said the other day that our trade negotiations with Canada, Mexico and the EU were going nowhere and that he would go ahead with the tariffs, it seemed as though the whole world had kittens. His critics jumped up and down on the table, set their hair on fire and pounded their chests with fake outrage, promising dire consequences.

Here’s a free tip for Canada, Mexico and the EU: In the past, your phony outrage and big threats intimidated American presidents who feared negative headlines in US media. Trump doesn’t care about negative headlines; he will get them no matter what he does because the Us media is driven by its hatred of him. If you would like to move forward, and we all know that you must move forward, then take a lesson from that nutjob Kim Jong Un and get ready to sit down and negotiate for real. Understand that, unlike the last guy, Trump is willing to walk away, so you’re not going to make him give away the store.

Here’s a free tip for Trump’s media critics: Trump is playing you like a fiddle.

Here’s a free tip for Trump’s political opposition: If you don’t want your famous “Blue Wave” to disappear completely, you’re going to need a lot more than naked hate to run on.

Just for record, no, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and I am not one of his fans…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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19 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: June 2, 2018

  1. In the Middle East where I have thousands of students, they all react the same way. The more hateful Islam becomes, the more the common people reject Islam. Same here:
    The more that media, etc. hates Trump, the more the common people will reject the media.

  2. says:

    Thanks for this evaluation. When will his enemies realize he’s doing everything he said he would and more? Plus the fact that he was duly elected. Y the people.

  3. wmhny says:

    Go to YouTube and checkout Bill Maher’s interview with Bernie Sanders last night. Very interesting. If you have HBO, just watch a rebroadcast this weekend. I will say this, President Sanders (should have been) said the Republicans did not win the election, “the Democrats lost it”. Not enough minorities and women came out. Not all Demos liked Hillary and it sounds like Bernie’s people stayed home too. He is trying to unite the party.

    The Democrats have a way of shooting themselves in the foot. Stop worrying about what a celebrity does and get down and dirty. 2018 and 2020 can be theirs if they work on issues like healthcare and the gun issue . That hits home personally as health issues for the past year has us owing a few thousand and that is after insurance.

    Racism and acceptance of others not of your lifestyle is a issue too.

    Finally, where is Melania? The Internet rumors are rampant. From plastic surgery to she had a breakdown or suicide attempt to Donald beat her up to even one person guessed she had an abortion. I do hope she is okay. She had a nice Facebook page and few years back. She looks so lonely and sad in public.

    Has JR Smith been through enough? He is more laughed at now than Trump. He is now the Bill Buckner of basketball.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Mrs. Trump’s case is a great example of what I’m talking about in the post. She has some fairly serious surgery and takes a couple weeks to recuperate. So, in this atmosphere what do the Trump haters do? They make up terrible stories and put them on the air with no basis in fact for any of them.

      Isn’t that a bit twisted?

      • wmhny says:

        Unless my side of the fence did not cover it, her people needed to give updates. Perhaps strong enough a brief live can saying “get I am fine”, etc.

        • Don Merritt says:

          No sir, she is a private citizen, not a government official. She has no obligation to given updates about her health or about any other personal matter. Now if Mrs. Trump was running for president, and for some reason she collapsed in public and disappeared from the campaign for several weeks, we might be justified in asking to see her medical records or health status… but Mrs. T has no official position, and isn’t running for anything. 😊

          (Gotta love the double standard)

  4. Don, well said. I didn’t vote for him or Mrs. Clinton. I lean very conservative politically. He is our president and much is being accomplished.

    I appreciate your willingness to speak out.

    Be blessed. God is with you.

  5. RG2Cents says:

    I didn’t vote for him either, neither am I a fan. On the other hand, I notice that the media squelches any information on the good that he does and have noticed that he does a lot of good for the country. My question during the campaign was, “Did he really turn conservative in 2 years, after being liberal for decades earlier?” It seems so, but I still keep my eye on him. I’m hoping he is what he seems to be by his actions (excluding the times he’s shooting his mouth off and burning up twitter), and not the caricature our media makes him out to be. Thanks for the up to date news (btw). There were some items in this article that took me by surprise. Guess I haven’t been watching as close as I thought.

  6. Memo to Don from Canada and Mexico: Maybe you might want to look at the history of trade relations before you accuse our countries of bad-faith negotiations. Look at the NAFTA dispute process and see how often the US has ignored its own laws and played the bully. Presidents and Prime Ministers usually do not have the training to understand all the intricacies of trade (with the possible exception of former Canadian PM Stephen Harper who is an economist by profession) – that is why they don’t do the negotiating themselves. You might want to check with the 32 governors who head states with Canada as their largest trading partner. Your neighbors to the north and south want a fair deal for all three countries. From his statements, it appears your president will not be content with anything less than economic rape. We’re quite happy to walk away from that.

    • Don Merritt says:

      No one is accusing Canada or Mexico of negotiating in bad faith. The job of each of our 3 countries, for any country for that matter, is to represent their own best interests, and thus, I highly doubt that anyone is going to walk away from anything. Everyone is going to bluster and beat their chests… and then sit down and work out a deal that is a win for everyone; a win-win-win to replace the current win-win-lose.

  7. Matt Brumage says:

    I was going to “Like”, but I don’t. I love it. I’m not a Trump fan either, but I agree that he’s no idiot. The power he gains through his lack of fear in the national media is impressive. Thanks for posting!

  8. Wally Fry says:

    Well, I am joining the didn’t vote for him, not a fan crowd. I voted Darryl Castle and the Constitution party, actually. But, one can’t argue with success I suppose, and this is certainly a better alternative than anything the Dems had to offer. The rabidness with which the media pillories him almost makes me want to be a fan, though.

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