Many people make crafts as a hobby, as do many craftsmen. I’m making a distinction here between crafts, as in “arts and crafts” and craftsmanship, as in building or making things out of wood or stone or bricks or metal…

Anyway, many people do these things as a hobby, and that is wonderful. Yet for many it is more than a hobby, for it becomes an expression of their relationship with God. Surely you have seen the results of this from time-to-time when their creations inspire you or bring about a better understanding of a Biblical truth.

The Amish are famous for their furniture, which is solid and plain, highly functional and yet unassuming. Such pieces are the very expression of frugality and simplicity

You also might have seen buildings that inspire, that demonstrate people using their creative gifts and imagination in a way that give glory to God. God made us in His image and likeness, every part of our beings is made in His image. One attribute that God has, that humans also have and that animals do not have as such, is creativity, another is imagination and the ability to bring it into reality. So, when we intentionally use our imagination and creativity in a way that brings glory to Him, we are engaging in a spiritual practice, not just a hobby or a profession: It is an expression of our relationship with Him and draws us closer to Him.

Have you intentionally looked for such expressions? If not, you might try it some time. I would suggest that you might be surprised at what you see.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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12 Responses to Creativity

  1. Pete says:

    The poetry He gives me is my creative expression. It blesses me so much each time He gives me words to share with my friends. The result of our creativity does not need to be an object! Love this post – your title caught my eye

    Be blessed

  2. sullivanspin says:

    “A Man Named Pearl” is a great documentary from 2006 that follows a man obsessed with sculpting gardens. His story really reminds me of what your talking about, doing something – anything – in a great way could be worship to God.

  3. I used to crochet prayer shawls/lap blankets for the sick/elderly. I would pray for the recipient as I crafted it. God blessed both of us!

  4. photojaq says:

    My hubby is a retired new-construction plumber. He also loves building hot rod cars, but in the last 4-5 years he has become a craftsman in wood. I’ve gone on seven short term mission trips (he doesn’t go; hates to travel) but he supports them by making all the wood craft items i think up. He is so happy to do it, and plugs away at cutting out small jig saw pieces for 30 kids’s puzzles, or making tiny boxes to hold 30 verse cards (one a day for a month), or small tic-tac-toe, or tapitan, or bowling, or concentration games out of tiny wood pieces…and never complains. The kids LOVE them and they last much longer than paper plate & cotton ball crafts. He’s also fixes planter-windmills, rocking chairs, end tables, gates and more for shut ins. He’s made dozens of wood trivets, and those small easel type black boards for kitchen counters to write grocery lists or verses on. Recently he’s making wood cell phone holding stations.
    This is the man who is getting gradual macular degeneration. I pray he will be able to keep it up for much longer!

    • Don Merritt says:

      Awesome! Please tell him from me that he can overcome quite a lot with macular degeneration. I’ve been fighting it for 40 years now and I can still do quite a lot and when I meet people, they are surprised when they find out. It’s a matter of attitude really, it can beat you or you can beat it; find a way to laugh at it 😊

  5. I cook. I am not a great cook but, it takes my time and my thought. It is a creative outlet for me. It has been something I’ve had a passion for since I was very young and my father and I did it together. One of the other reasons that I love it is because I do it for my wife. It is a tactile way for me to show her that she is worth my time and effort. I cook about 95% of the meals we eat. He protects us. I should give nurture and sustenance to her, too.

  6. rpradhanblog says:

    He who has creativity is a creator. So creativity brings the creative person and God-the creator of this Universe closer.

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