TLP Op-Ed: June 9, 2018

An Interesting Week Ahead

This next week is set to be an interesting one. On Tuesday the 12th is the Big Event in Singapore, and some more primaries, and on Thursday the Inspector General’s Report is due to be released regarding the goings on at the FBI relative to some of their recent investigations, and if that wasn’t enough, there will plenty of other things going on as well.

The big meeting in Singapore is certainly an amazing event all by itself, full as it is of global significance. I doubt that we will see anything huge come out of it other than a framework to continue talking, but then considering that we are talking about North Korea, that’s an achievement in itself. The thing I can’t seem to get out of my mind is the wildcard factor in all of this: Donald J. Trump.

Forget for a moment that should a shocker come out of this in the form of a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War, Mr. Trump’s political opponents will be forced to find a way to kill it in the Senate. Forget for a moment that Mr. Trump’s opponents in the News business will have to find a way to explain it away to provide cover for his political opposition, and forget for a moment that Mr. Trump’s opponents in Washington generally will all have heart attacks… The President doesn’t do things the Washington Establishment way, which is to say that he makes all things possible, both for good and for ill: Even if you hate the guy, you must admit that he’s a potential game-changer, either way.

I can just imagine that spin-creators world wide are writing drafts of their responses for every possible outcome, how they are burning the midnight oil to get ready for pretty much every possibility.

The paperwork! The coffee! The overtime costs!

We’ll see in a few days…

To be honest, I’m even more fascinated by the upcoming IG Report, all the more so as potential characters in the drama appear to be throwing each other under the bus in public remarks: Goodness!

Of course, that takes me back to the poor spin writers. As if Singapore wasn’t enough, they must prepare remarks for their masters for every possibility: One to embrace the Report, another to denounce it. One to praise the IG, another to call him the Devil’s child.

Oh yes friends, this is going to be some week!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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2 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: June 9, 2018

  1. Perhaps I don’t follow US politics as closely as I should, but has your Senate degenerated to the point that it would kill any peace treaty between the two Koreas? If so, it boggles my mind.

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