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A Tale of Two Videos part one

Introduction To be fair, I want to mention a couple of things before I begin. First, I am not approaching this subject as an advocate of anything other than the Christian Etic of stewardship. You are entirely free to agree … Continue reading

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I Write to You Because…

Today, we have an amazing text, one that I have never really appreciated until a few years ago.  It just hit me: Wow! I must have been a victim of my training, because this is a transitional passage between John’s … Continue reading

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TLP Living: July 30, 2018

Your Body is a Gift from God It’s true that our bodies are gifts from God, they are truly amazing in spite of the fact that we tend to focus on our flaws. It was crafted by the hand of … Continue reading

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TLP Inspiration: July 3.0, 2018

The Next Move Here we are at the chess board, looking intently at the pieces on the table and trying to plot our next move… but this is no game−  it’s life. Each of us has life moves to make; … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon Notes: July 29, 2018

Title: Jesus Teaches in Parables Text: Mark 4:1-20 Parallel Texts: Matthew 13:1-23; Luke 8:1-15 With the beginning of chapter four, we see a shift in Mark’s narrative to a battery of parables. Parables are interesting things, little stories that teach … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: July 28, 2018

I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with this column over the last several weeks; it always seems to me that I’m about to write a piece that I’ve already written. Of course, that’s how the news … Continue reading

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TLP Inspiration: July 28, 2018

Beautiful but Deadly Good Saturday from the Heartland. There are some things in this life that are absolutely beautiful.  Some are alluring, some are natural while others are man-made.  They might catch our eye or arouse our senses.  They may … Continue reading

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