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The Evolution – Creation Debate

I didn’t watch it; I don’t see the point. It doesn’t matter who “won” it.  If Mr. Nye (“Science Guy”) was seen to have lost narrowly or won big, it will be reported that he won big.  If Mr. Ham … Continue reading

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Is Prayer Unconstitutional in Public?

Yesterday’s action by the United States Supreme Court to let stand a lower court ruling barring prayer from public meetings because they were too often “Christian” sparks within anyone a series of fundamental questions that go to the very foundation … Continue reading

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The Washington Post: Court curbs Christian prayer in public meetings

Supreme Court turns away local government appeal over prayer at public meetings By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, January 17, 9:09 AM WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a North Carolina county commission over the mostly Christian prayers offered … Continue reading

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Lessons from Evil Around Us

The other day (Thursday the 8th) I had this brilliant idea that I could re-post a series of news articles about really ugly incidents that haven’t quite made a big splash in the National or World news pages and then … Continue reading

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Evil on the Rise: Another Story

I made a rash decision!  I rashly decided to find news stories that would answer the question, “Is Evil on the Rise?”  I did so when I read the story from Canada that I’ve already posted.  When you actually go … Continue reading

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Evil on the Rise?

Is Evil on the rise in today’s world?  In light of the news of recent years, many people might think… in the Middle East or other areas that seem remote and far away.  But how about in places closer to … Continue reading

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