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A Couple Things…

You may have noticed that we’ve finished our posting on John’s Gospel earlier today. So, what’s next? Tomorrow morning, I thought we’d start a new adventure, this time in the Book of Ecclesiastes, and what an adventure that will be! … Continue reading

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“Progaming Note”

Well dear reader, I’m off to Los Angeles to visit the family for the first time in 8 years. Imagine my reaction when I realized that She Who Must Be Obeyed booked our flight on September 11… can’t wait for … Continue reading

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Weekly Podcast: August 18, 2014

The Old Photograph   This past week, I came to discover an old photograph taken of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad back in the 1870’s. Tune in now to hear how this came about, and the lessons I learned in … Continue reading

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A Little ‘Inside Baseball’

In yesterday’s post reflecting upon our recently completed tour of the Olivet Discourse, I made reference to my thought that this experiment might not be quite a success, and I’ve received a number of very encouraging comments as a result. … Continue reading

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Weekly Podcast: July 28, 2014

Does Anything Last? Welcome to this week’s podcast!  This week, let’s consider what is really permanent in this world, certainly it isn’t cell phones, since I’ve just tossed a perfectly good one into my box of old phones that I … Continue reading

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Reflections on an Interesting Morning

This morning we headed off for our tours, informal, yes, but still tours. We took our grandson to visit the White House and the Pentagon, no simple thing in the rather too complicated times we live in.  She Who Must … Continue reading

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A “Programming Note”

I simply wanted to drop in a note to let you know what’s going on around here, and what to expect on The Life Project for the next couple of weeks. My 10-year-old grandson arrived late yesterday from Illinois and … Continue reading

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