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Do Dogs go to Heaven?

“Well do they?” “I don’t know honey, we’ll just have to wait and see.” My wife got us a dog several years ago… over my strenuous objection I might add.  Over the years, he and I have spent a lot … Continue reading

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NASA Releases New Image of Earth

I thought I’d share a new image of God’s wonderous creation with you.  It’s a new high-resolution image recently released by NASA, their article is re-posted below: NPP’s ‘Blue Marble’ January 25, 2012 A ‘Blue Marble’ image of the Earth … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Penn State

The recent madness at Penn State University continues with more and more revelations and speculation.  Over the last 18 hours I’ve heard commentators call for a Congressional Investigation, the FBI and more strict regulations from whatever governmental source to ensure … Continue reading

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Penn State Perspective

Like everyone else, I’ve been listening all week to story after story about the terrible Penn State sex scandal.  It is clearly one of the most disturbing quagmires that have come to light in many years.  The alleged child molestation … Continue reading

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