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An Exciting Announcement!


Today is a special day here at The Life Project; I am departing from the usual format to share a special day on another blog site. As you know, I am involved with “Church Set Free” a blog made up of several authors, contributors and guests that is devoted to building the Kingdom by combining people with different viewpoints, experience, cultures and expertise to give glory to God.

Over at “Church Set Free” this is “Secret Santa Worship Day” meaning that each of the authors, contributors and several guests will be posting on the topic of Worship, a huge topic that can go in so many different directions that the possibilities are virtually endless. None of us has seen what the others have written, until they are posted, so we are all looking forward to seeing what the others have to say on the subject. As of the moment I am writing this announcement, I have not read any of the others’ posts, and I am going to begin to re-blog each of them… and then I will read them. Thus, these will appear on The Life Project without any kind of edit from me, giving you the opportunity to see a wide diversity of views on worship. You will probably agree with much of what is presented, and you may disagree with some of it, but in either case, you will have the opportunity to search the Scriptures, to reflect and to pray, so that in the end, your walk with our Lord will closer and dearer to you than it was before.

So, are you up for this journey? Please check back throughout the day to see these fascinating posts as they become available!


Featured Blog: Pacific Paratrooper

As you might suspect, Pacific Paratrooper isn’t quite the sort of blog I have featured here previously; it is a blog about history.  If you have been a regular reader of this blog for very long, then you know that I am a “history geek” and as such, I follow a number of blogs that deal with history, in fact I have been tempted on several occasions to start my own history blog…

Pacific Paratrooper started out in September 2012 as an attempt to put the scrapbook of the author’s father into electronic form. Now, it’s important to note that the scrapbook in question was created by a man who served in an airborne unit in the Pacific Theater in World War 2; it’s a scrapbook of a soldier’s experiences. My father also served in the Pacific Theater, just before Pearl Harbor, and I can recall many stories around the dinner table about that era, about Hawaii, Hickam Field and the aircraft of those times; my father was an aircraft mechanic who became an aerospace engineer, and who was involved in developing projects from the P-51D, to the B-36 and YB-49, XB-70, the Apollo spacecraft, 747, F-5E, and a few “black”projects of which I never heard specifics as a kid. For me, Pacific Paratrooper was a natural.

My wife is a veteran of the United States Navy, and has worked as a civilian for the Navy, U.S. Army, and now is working in the office of the Undersecretary of the U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon. My son is a U.S. Navy veteran, and I have hosted dinner guests over the years ranging from Sargents-Major to Major General, so I have known many military people, and developed a great deal of respect for their service and dedication.

Again, Pacific Paratrooper fits right in with these interests for me, and what began as a rendition of one man’s scrapbook has evolved into a site about military history that covers the Second World War, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and the individual stories of those who served in those places. Yes, those brave souls who went into harm’s way in service to their country, who were never consulted about the wisdom of their mission by the politicians back home and yet who often paid a heavy price for their devotion to duty; it is both informative and inspiring.

Drop by and check it out, and I think you will agree that your time will be well spent, even if this isn’t your usual cup of tea!

Visit Pacific Paratrooper Now

Featured Blog: Meredith’s Musings

I read everything Meredith posts on her blog; it is one of those that I catch up on if I miss for some reason. I’ve been trying to put my finger on exactly why that is, and to be honest, I’m not sure I can quite identify the reason.

I really like Meredith’s writing style, but it isn’t just that. She has some wonderful recipes, and being the cook at my house, I’m always looking for a new idea… and by the way, you’ve got to try the pork steaks! Yet, I don’t think the recipes are the reason either. It could be her posts about dogs, for I am a dog-less dog lover while here in the uncivilized environs of Washington DC… no, that’s not it.

You know what I think the reason is… at least the closest I can come to it? I think it’s Meredith’s orientation towards relationships that seems to live in every post.

I highly doubt that there is any semblance of “Christian Life” that is not heavily weighted toward relationships. Relationship with God, relationship with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors… Yes, that’s it! Everything “Christian” in life is about relationship, and do you know what? Meredith’s blogging demonstrates that without talking about it; she just does it. Yes, that’s why I never miss her posts; they just are like a connection of sorts, a connection that all of us hope to share in, a connection that is the love of Christ living within us and through us.

I hope you will pay Meredith a cal!

Visit Meredith’s Musings Now

Featured Blog: iChristian

The first thing I want to say about “iChristian” is that it is about the coolest blog name ever!

“Lord, why didn’t I think of that one?”

Steve Rebus of iChristian and I have several things in common. First and foremost, we both love Jesus Christ… that’s the most important of course, second, we both have blogs, third we both love music, although while Steve performs music… I just listen. Both of us have lost most of our sight, and both of us enjoy photography, although as you will see when you visit his blog, he is better at it than I am.

iChristian is a blog where you will find inspiring music, a great testimony, beautiful photographs and a sense of community within the Body of Christ that reaches across an ocean’s distance.  Steve’s posts are easy to read; you might not want some of them to end because they have a unique way of lifting your spirit.

Here’s what Steve wrote about his photography that really resonates with me:

I used to enjoy photography when I was sighted, taking and developing photos in my Dad’s darkroom, When I lost most my sight 14 years ago I thought this would put a stop to my hobby but I have learned that my camera can act as my eyes allowing me to see what my own eyes will not.

I am proud of the fact that I have been able to produce photographs despite my visual impairment– and like to think that although I may have lost my useful sight I have not lost my vision and instinct for a good photograph.

Take a few minutes to drop in on Steve’s blog and see what resonates there for you!

Visit iChristian Now

Featured Blog: Elaine’s Random Thoughts

I came across Elaine’s Random Thoughts  a few months back and I was hooked pretty quickly because it struck me as a blog written by a “real” person. Oh, there’s always a real person writing blogs, unless they have a machine that can do it for you, maybe I should say it struck me as a blog written by the kind of person that I know. No, I’ve never met Elaine… maybe it’s just that we have a lot folks who sound just like Elaine in my church family; yes, that’s it exactly!

The kind of people who care about others, the kind of people who will roll up their sleeves and help out, good down to earth people who aren’t out for fame and fortune, you know “real” people. Well, that’s what I get from Elaine’s writing: real. Here’s what Elaine says about it:

Nothing very interesting to say about me.  I’m a  Mom and a Grandmother and not much of a writer.  I thought it would be a fun thing to learn about blogging and a way to save some of my random thoughts.   I don’t expect many will visit and read but perhaps someone will and something I write will make them smile or be inspired about something.

The world of blogs is proving to be a wonderfully fun experience! As I said before, my writing is just a way of recording random thoughts, most, but not all, related to my walk with the Lord. As I grow closer to the Lord, the happier I become.
I have a lot of fun following the blogs of others! I have “met” some amazing people on here who are an encouragement to me. Thank you everyone! I have learned many new things but still have a LOT to learn!

See what I mean? The woman next door, the woman in the neighborhood who says “hi” when you walk by…

If you like to read down-to-earth and real, with a strong Christian flavor and just the right touch of humor, you have to check this one out!

Oh, one more thing: Elaine, I think you’re a pretty good writer too.

Featured Blog: The Sanctuary of My Heart

I’m not a big poetry fan, it’s always frustrated me because I can’t seem to write it. In my younger days, I had a hard time reading it… come on man, get to the facts!

My younger days were long ago, and these days I’m beginning to appreciate it more than ever before, for it seems to me that poetry is a lot like a good photograph; it creates a picture that communicates more than mere words. The Sanctuary of My Heart combines both poetry and photography in a way that communicates volumes..

I have come to greatly appreciate Skye’s efforts on her blogs, for she brings images of beauty, peace, home, relationship and faith in a remarkably creative way that stands in contrast to the stressful pace of modern life, and maybe it’s becoming a sanctuary for my heart too.

I am a rather quiet woman who is beginning to explore her inner-self through writing. I love the friends I am meeting along the way; they truly are giving me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I am passionate about the Lord, and I love His word. I am hoping to bring together all my beliefs, my joys, and sorrows, in one place so you can truly get an essence of who I am if that is what you wish. You can get a pretty good picture of who I am through visiting my two blogs: (poetry blog) and (photography and devotional blog). I would love to meet you. Please say hello. The world seems so much less big and intimidating when you know that you are not alone in all the issues of life. May God richly bless your day, ༻ Skye ༻
Another thing I like is that Skye has two other blogs that seems to match different moods; all three are well worth checking out!

Featured Blog: A Disciple’s Study

This week, I am pleased to feature, A Disciple’s Study.

This is a blog I really enjoy for several reasons. First of all it contains a collection of materials that challenge me to think more deeply concerning the matters of faith and discipleship. Second, it contains a variety of re-posts that I may not have found on my own, and there they are for easy reference.

OK, I’ll admit it… there are quite a few in the collection re-posted from this blog, and that is truly an honor, thank you!

I am a retired speech pathologist with the public schools. I established this blog (mainly a collection of discipleship comments by interesting, thoughtful and challenging authors) for my own edification and to make it easier to share with my friends. If others find it and gain from the insights of what I have collected, and hopefully have fully and duly recognized the writers, the better all of us will be. May Jesus grow more real in our thoughts and actions — and thereby revealed to others in our passion and love for him.

A unique approach isn’t it?  Why didn’t I think of that…?

I’ll be very up front with you, dear reader, I don’t agree with every item posted on the blog… and that’s why I look forward to reading it! There are different points of view, some are more academic, some are more practical… but they are all worth considering, and the result is that you will have a better idea of why you believe what you believe when you are finished, and that is worth an awful lot.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a long-time serious Bible student, or a novice, you will find great reads at A Disciple’s Study, and I would encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already; it’s well worth the visit!