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TLP Op-Ed: 5/19/18

Yanny or Laurel? I promised myself that this week would be different. I’ve gone back and looked at these Op-Eds of mine, and it seems that every time I’ve done this I have written about news coverage. Not the news, … Continue reading

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Excuse me, is there a problem?

I had the radio on most of yesterday, and since I got tired of listening to everyone crying about the latest Redskins defeat, I switched to a news station.  It seems that the big news of the day was that the … Continue reading

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Interesting Afternoon

This afternoon I planned on going out to get some new pictures; where to go? I narrowed to venue down to Capitol Hill and the Mall or National Harbor.  In the end, I decided on National Harbor because I haven’t … Continue reading

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Playing Tourist During the Shutdown

Originally posted on cathyjodc:
I awake this morning knowing that one more day of furlough at least and listening to the radio that Congress will go home for the weekend.  No end in sight and the OPM (Office of Personnel…

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Like many of you, I’ve been noting the progress of this “Government Shutdown” story as it unfolds, and all I can say is, “Shame!” I realize that “Obama care” is highly controversial and that even many of those who favor … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

‘If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.’ Mark Twain I wonder if he would still say that today…?

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Mayan Calendar: End of the World?

I have been a denier on the subject of the Mayan Calendar and the end, I have even mocked the notion on this blog: I now realize that I was wrong. I have been looking around the internet, listening to … Continue reading

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