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TLP Op-Ed: July 28, 2018

I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with this column over the last several weeks; it always seems to me that I’m about to write a piece that I’ve already written. Of course, that’s how the news … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: 5/26/18

Anthems, Protests and the NFL I promised myself that I wasn’t going to write about media reactions to news stories this week. It wasn’t the first time I made this promise to myself, but it was the first time I … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: 5/19/18

Yanny or Laurel? I promised myself that this week would be different. I’ve gone back and looked at these Op-Eds of mine, and it seems that every time I’ve done this I have written about news coverage. Not the news, … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: 5/12/18

Another interesting week As each new week begins, I have ideas for this column, but by the time comes for me to write it, I have to toss my ideas in favor of events I’d rather not write about; this … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

Have You Heard about this One? Just when we thought that Washington, DC couldn’t get any crazier, DC Councilman Charles Allen has introduced a measure to lower the voting age in the District from 18 to 16. According to news … Continue reading

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twas the night before Christmas

Well here we are, December 24… the day before Christmas… or as some call it illogically “Christmas Eve Day”.  (I can’t figure out how it could be “Eve” and “Day” at the same rime, but I digress…) When I was … Continue reading

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