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My oldest friend just retired

I say my oldest friend, yet we never met; that’s how good Vin Scully is as a play-by-play announcer. He retired yesterday after 67 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers sounding just like he did the first time I ever … Continue reading

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Interesting Days

I posted last week about the new addition to our family on the occasion of my daughter’s new baby, and this past weekend my wife and I got to meet my son’s prospective in-laws for the first time; I thought … Continue reading

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A Nostalgic Morning

I will soon be returning to Illinois after a few years in the Washington, DC area, and since I am about to leave here, I’ll let you in on the “secret” to seeing the sights of Washington. Oh yes, millions … Continue reading

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A Friday Reflection

I was going to post another installment of our ongoing “Case Study” today, but then I thought maybe we could take a little break from that and I could share a thought or two of a more personal nature.  I … Continue reading

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Following up on POST IT

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on yesterday’s post, and those who sent private emails; you have all been very encouraging and I really appreciate that!  As I have given this some more thought,  I’ve kind of reached the … Continue reading

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