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“Progaming Note”

Well dear reader, I’m off to Los Angeles to visit the family for the first time in 8 years. Imagine my reaction when I realized that She Who Must Be Obeyed booked our flight on September 11… can’t wait for … Continue reading

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Weekly Podcast: July 28, 2014

Does Anything Last? Welcome to this week’s podcast!  This week, let’s consider what is really permanent in this world, certainly it isn’t cell phones, since I’ve just tossed a perfectly good one into my box of old phones that I … Continue reading

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An Ox Named Jake

Last week while at Mount Vernon, I followed the path out of the woods an came upon George Washington’s Experimental Farm down on the Potomac shore. As I was walking along looking for possible photos, I came upon an intriguing … Continue reading

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A Saturday Morning Walk

From East to West and Back Again This morning dawned bright, clear and beautiful in Rock Island, Illinois.  The air was surprisingly cool and dry with a slight breeze and barely a cloud in the sky.  I thought today would … Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: June 3, 2014

This is the “Retro Rad Chef,” Emily Ellyn during a Cooking Demonstration last Saturday at the Vintage Virginia Wine and Food Festival in Centerville. This lady is definitely a character as you “Food Network” fans probably know, and as I … Continue reading

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Works in Progress

I’ve been looking over my ongoing projects here and taking stock of things. I’ve posted the second Reflections study on my website, so now Colossians and 1,2 and 3 John are available for download, with 1 & 2 Peter in … Continue reading

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Can We Comprehend God?

The conventional answer to that question is of course, “No way!”  But is that really true?  I think my answer is more like “Probably not.”  Maybe the question is too broad, maybe it should be, “Can we comprehend the ways … Continue reading

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Killing Time

Last Night I was informed by She Who Must be Obeyed that I would be attending her office Christmas part.  As “She” is very well aware, I don’t like parties! Quite naturally, we were required to be there a couple … Continue reading

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A Big Thank You!

I would like to thank Kate Bortell whose blog is called Serious Thoughts Taken not so Seriously for nominating me for the Versatile  Blogger Award.  Kate, I appreciate the thought very much and offer my thanks. I really enjoy Kate’s blog because … Continue reading

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OK Now What?

This morning was bright, sunny and crisp here, and I set out to get some pictures.  I made sure to bring extra batteries with me as I caught the train downtown.  My plan was to get some shots around the … Continue reading

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