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TLP Living: 3/18/19

Too Shocking to be Seen!! Something happened yesterday that I thought I’d share with you, something you might wish to think about, or maybe just for a laugh. It seems that yesterday’s Sermon Notes were just too much for Facebook … Continue reading

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Remembering that terrible day

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TLP Op-Ed: June16, 2018

A Week to Remember Here we are at the end of an amazing week. The big meeting in Singapore has concluded with an agreement in principle; now the technical people can sit down together and negotiate the terms for a … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: Special Edition

I never thought I’d see the day when I posted a Bill Maher clip, but that day has well and truly come. At least for me, Mr. Maher ceased to be amusing years ago, and is now little more than … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: June 2, 2018

Who’s the Buffoon? Yesterday morning I wrote a parody and scheduled it for this column. As parodies go, it wasn’t going to win any prizes… but it was fun to write. My plans changed however, when this morning I ran … Continue reading

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TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

Have You Heard about this One? Just when we thought that Washington, DC couldn’t get any crazier, DC Councilman Charles Allen has introduced a measure to lower the voting age in the District from 18 to 16. According to news … Continue reading

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Listening and thinking… some thoughts about the future

Every so often I wonder if maybe this blog has run its course and, as with all good things, that maybe the time has come for its end. Maybe I should end this one and start another one. Maybe I … Continue reading

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